What is the COVID Patient Database project?

COVID Patients Database is an initiative by the Srijan team to build an easy to use platform for maintaining the data of the COVID patients in INDIA.


What is the purpose of a new Platform?

The main objective to build this platform is to democratize & provide open access to COVID Patients data for the benefit of app developers, data engineers, scientists, statisticians & medical practitioners. Patient data is crucial in gaining insight about the disease and it’s spread.


How can I access the data?

The COVID Patient database system makes the data available for analysis and development using the UI and Openspec APIs. The COVID Patient database system provides multiple sets of filters to do the analysis using an interactive UI on the homepage. The same set of filters is also applicable to the APIs for data analysis and further development purposes.


What is the Data-Source for COVID Patient Database?

COVID Patients Database is pulling the data from the crowdsourced data(source: www.covid19india.org). The System also allows Volunteers to join and add/update further details of existing Patients and add new patient entries in the system.


How regular the COVID Patient Database is updated?

The COVID Patient Database pulls the data from the original source (www.covid19india.org) on a regular interval of 2 hours.


Who else can update data in the COVID Patient Database?

The COVID Patient database is based on crowdsourced data. We encourage people to volunteer who can curate and verify the data coming from several sources.


How can I become a Volunteer?

Anyone who is interested in keeping this crowd-sourced data updated can become a member by self-registering using this link. On filling the registration form a request to access the system is sent to the Administrator. The administrator then approves your request. On approval of the request, you will receive a one time link to reset the password.


How soon will the data updated by Volunteer start showing on the Site?

There is a two-step content publishing process for the data submitted by Volunteers. Volunteers can add/edit details of Patients on the site. Once the update is submitted by the Volunteer, it starts appearing on the moderation tab for Data Admin. After reviewing the data Data Admin can publish the changes on the site.


I am a developer, how can I access the APIs?

The APIs are available on the site with details on how to use them for development purposes. You can access each of the APIs by submitting a simple form on this page https://covid19database.srijan.net/apis